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Our Bulk Whois Lookup helps you quickly find WHOIS details among more than 30 million domains and speed up your investigation or research.

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What is a bulk WHOIS lookup?

A bulk WHOIS lookup helps you gather information about many domains at once. You can find out things like who registered the domain, their organization, email address, and more all in one go. Just send all the domains you're interested, and the tool will give you the details.

Accurate and updated database

When you search for lots of domain names at once, you'll always get the newest owner details because we update our WHOIS database every day.

This means you'll have the right information when you need it for your business.

Ease of use

Bulk WHOIS Lookup offers the advantage of flexible use, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into various internal systems using RESTful API.

With its user-friendly design and straightforward implementation process, businesses can quickly incorporate our API into their existing infrastructure.

Where to use whois data

WHOIS data can be helpful for various purposes, such as troubleshooting network issues, verifying domain ownership, combating spam or fraud, and enforcing intellectual property rights or trademark disputes.

1. Law enforcement

Whois data is a crucial tool for law enforcement, providing essential details about website ownership, creation dates, and contact information.

It aids in tracking cybercriminals involved in various illegal activities, linking online crimes, and gathering evidence necessary for legal actions, assisting law enforcement agencies in swiftly identifying and apprehending offenders.

2. Cyber security

Whois data plays a critical role in combating cybercrime by providing essential information about domain registrations, aiding in the identification of malicious actors, tracking fraudulent websites, and establishing connections between cyber incidents.

This data is crucial for cyber security professionals to detect and prevent online threats, enhancing overall online safety for individuals and organizations.

3. Marketing research

Whois data is a valuable asset for marketers, providing ownership details, contact information, and insights into competitors' online presence.

Marketers leverage this data to personalize campaigns, refine target audiences, optimize SEO strategies, and stay competitive in the dynamic digital market.

4. Brand protection

Whois data is crucial for brand protection, providing ownership details, registration dates, and contact information.

Brands utilize this data to swiftly identify and address trademark infringements, counterfeit websites, and brand abuse online, allowing for proactive protection of their reputation and intellectual property.

5. Enforcing intellectual property rights

Whois data aids in enforcing intellectual property rights by providing ownership details and registration information crucial for identifying trademark infringements and copyright violations online.

Rights holders use this data to take prompt legal actions, safeguarding their intellectual property from misuse or infringement, and preserving their brand integrity and market position.

6. Trademark disputes

Whois data is vital in trademark disputes, providing ownership details, registration dates, and contact information to swiftly identify infringements and gather evidence.

This data helps stakeholders validate trademark usage, strengthen their cases, and take legal actions to protect their brand identities effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is the WHOIS record returned?

The age of the data falls within a 0 to 24-hour range. Normally, the data is current, with an age of 0 hours, as we receive very few duplicate domain queries in a day. We store the WHOIS record in cache for a maximum of 24 hours. When you submit a query, we initially verify if the cached WHOIS record is older than 24 hours. If it is, we retrieve the most recent information in real time.

Why do I get inconsistent WHOIS record response?

Sometimes registrant information shows up under WhoisRecord and sometimes it shows up under WhoisRecord→registryData.

For each domain name there are at most 2 WHOIS records, one from registry (eg. Verisign) and one for registrar (eg. GoDaddy). We return the registry WHOIS record under WhoisRecord→registryData and registar WHOIS record under WhoisRecord. For most TLDs other than com/net, only registry WHOIS record exists.

How many domains can I request at a time?

You can request a maximum of 20 domains at once.